Materially, even if I end up not achieving much, at least I know that I will have no regrets.

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I was twenty-one. I was at that age that I thought I was still darn young and have all the time in the world to postpone plans and stay in…

Thus you should probably rethink using it as an indicator when to start investing.

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In the first place, stocks, in general, are never an accurate indicator of the overall economic health of a country or even the entire world. This fact cannot be any more applicable to the current situation. …

#1 You didn’t panic and sold off stocks that you wouldn’t sell if the crash did not happen

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For anyone following the stock market for the past two months, you are probably familiar with the unprecedented market crash and the rally that came after — all within a short span of two and a half months. After a wild dive of 34% from its highest in mid-February, the…

#2 Cheap doesn’t mean it’s a good buy.

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If you are someone who follows the financial market news recently, you probably heard about the collapse of crude oil prices earlier this week. On 20th April 2020, the price of a barrel of oil plunged below zero dollars for the first time in history. …

It all goes back to USD being the global reserve currency as well as the concept of demand and supply.

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The US Congress just passed its 4th stimulus package of $484 billion. This $484 billion legislation comes on top of the $2 trillion package that was passed last month. …

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Is it changing yours for the better?

The first week of working from home has ended. There are still three more weeks left to the end of lockdown (hopefully, it doesn’t get extended).

Many cannot wait for this lockdown to end.

For me, working from home sounds like a good deal at the start since I do…

Reasons why I am skeptical about the recent rebound in the market

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After the S&P 500 plunges by about 34% from it’s highest, it has since rebounded rapidly during the last week by at least 19%.

It is the most furious correction in history.

The rebound comes after optimistic news of COVID-19 infection curves plateauing in the US. On top of that…

Not everything is as grimly as you think. This is your life’s opportunity for great things to happen. It’s your choice to make.

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Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, it is probably you have seen for the FIRST time:

  • Mandatory closure of schools for at least a month
  • Mandatory closure of workplaces for at least a month, apart from essential industries like healthcare and certain banking sectors.
  • Widespread closure of malls, sports…

#8. It’s really fine that you’re not okay now.

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With the worsening COVID-19 situation around the world now, there are more and more of us being mandated to isolate ourselves at home. For a typical human being, this pretty much sucks already. Much less to say, our fellow friends with anxiety.

If you have family members or friends with…

Sometimes the more we tell ourselves that we need to treat or manage our mental illness, the more things get backfired.

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Usually, there are three groups of people around us when it comes to knowing that you have a mental illness:

  1. The ones who stigmatize against you.
  2. The ones who love you but do not know how to deal with it, so sometimes they may suggest some things that are not…

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I write mostly on personal growth, mental health and finance/money/economy.

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